Latest GK General Knowledge Questions Answers 2023-2024 [Updated] | GK Questions In English With Answers 2023

General Knowledge Questions Answers : अधिकांश छात्र सोचते हैं कि सामान्य ज्ञान (General Knowledge) महत्वपूर्ण नहीं है. उन्हें लगता है कि यह केवल उन लोगों के लिए महत्वपूर्ण है, जो प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं की तैयारी कर रहे हैं. 

परन्तु यह सच नहीं है. जीके सभी के लिए महत्वपूर्ण है. यह हमें अपने आसपास की दुनिया के बारे में जानने में मदद करता है. यह हमें वर्तमान मामलों और दुनिया में हो रही घटनाओं को समझने में मदद करता है. यह हमें अपने जीवन में बेहतर निर्णय लेने में भी मदद करता है.


General Knowledge Questions Answers 2023 [Updated] | Latest GK Questions & Answers in English 2023 [Updated]

यदि आप ऐसे ही सवाल और जवाब के लिए यहाँ आये हैं तो ये आर्टिकल सिर्फ और सिर्फ आपके लिए ही है. इस आर्टिकल में हम आपके लिए कुछ चुनिन्दा सवाल और जवाब लेकर आये हैं जिनसे आपको काफी मदद मिल सकती है.

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General Knowledge Questions Answers 2023 [Updated] | Latest GK Questions & Answers in English 2023 [Updated]


Q. In which game is the word LBW used?


Ans. Cricket


Q. In which state is the Sun Temple of Konark?


Ans. Odisha


Q. When is teacher’s day celebrated?


Ans. 5th September


Q. Who is the first citizen of India?


Ans. The President


Q. Who is the second citizen of India?


Ans. The Vice-President


Q. How many union territories are there in India?


Ans. 8


Q. Which festival is called the festival of colors?


Ans. Holi


Q. Which is the largest tropical rainforest in the world?


Ans. Amazon Rain Forest


Q. Deepest lake in the world?


Ans. Lake Baikal


Q. Highest lake in the world?


Ans. Lake Titicaca


Q. Largest freshwater lake in the world?


Ans. Lake Superior


Q. Name the first Indian brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton?


Ans. Deepika Padukone


Q. Name the 1st Asian country to join the NATO Cyber Defence Group?


Ans. South Korea


Q. India’s first EV charging station powered by bio-gas?


Ans. Mumbai


Q. 12th IBA women’s world boxing championships kick-started in?


Ans. Istanbul


Q. Fundamental Units of Electric Current (I)?


Ans. Ampere (A)


Q. What is the capital of the USA?


Ans. Washington, DC


Q. “Presidental Medal of Freedom” is the highest civilian award of which country?


Ans. USA


Q. World Environment Day is observed every year on?


Ans. 5th June


Q. Where is the headquarters of Google located?


Ans. California


Q. Which country has the highest number of internet users in the world?


Ans. China


Q. How many spokes are there in the national flag of India?


Ans. 24


Q. What is the national song of India?


Ans. Jana Gana Mana


Q. Who was the First President of the United States?


Ans. George Washington


Q. Which state of India has the longest coastline?


Ans. Gujarat


Q. The grasslands of North America are called?


Ans. Prairies


Q. What disease is caused by vitamin B deficiency?


Ans. Beriberi


Q. Ornithology is the scientific study of?


Ans. Birds


Q. By which process does the excess water in plants get released?


Ans. Transpiration


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Q. What is the state of high blood pressure called?


Ans. Hypertension


Q. What is a healthy blood pressure limit?


Ans. 120/80 mmHg


Q. Which is the fastest bird on the earth?


Ans. Peregrine Falcon


Q. How many years together make a decade?


Ans. 10


Q. Which sea animal has no skeleton or organs in its body?


Ans. Jellyfish


Q. The smallest 4-digit number is:


Ans. 1000


Q. The Parliament of India is located in which state?


Ans. Delhi


Q. Sugar is made from?


Ans. Sugarcane


Q. In which country the President gets the highest salary?


Ans. America


Q. What did Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru School call?


Ans. Chacha Nehru


Q. What is called the Queen of Spices?


Ans. Cardamom Spice


Q. What is India’s highest civilian award?


Ans. Bharat Ratna


Q. What is India’s place in terms of area?


Ans. 7th


Q. After how many years did Kumbh Mela held?


Ans. 12 years


Q. Agra is situated on the banks of which river?


Ans. Yamuna


Q. Amarnath is located in which state?


Ans. Jammu and Kashmir


Q. Bhakra Nangal is in which state?


Ans. Himachal Pradesh


Q. Charminar is located in which state of India?


Ans. Hyderabad


Q. Honey is made from?


Ans. Bee


Q. What type of animals are- dogs, Cat, and Cows?


Ans. Domestic animals


Q. How many alphabets are there in English?


Ans. 26


Q. How many bones do we have in our body?


Ans. 206


Q. How many colors does the rainbow have?

Ans. 7 colors

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Q. How many continents are there in the world?


Ans. 7 continents


Q. How many parts are there in the Indian Army?


Ans. Three Part


General Knowledge Questions Answers 2023 [Updated] | Latest GK Questions & Answers in English 2023 [Updated]


Q. How many planets are there in our solar system?


Ans. 8


Q. Name a natural satellite of the earth?


Ans. Moon


Q. Who gave the universal law of gravitation?


Ans. Issac Newton


Q. Who discovered the X-rays?


Ans. Wilhelm Roentgen


Q. Who is the father of our nation?


Ans. Mahatma Gandhi


Q. Who gave the theory of relativity?


Ans. Albert Einstein


Q. The largest silver-producing country in the world?


Ans. Mexico


Q. Name the first university in the world?


Ans. Taxila University


Q. The largest Dam in the world is located in?


Ans. South America


Q. Which is the fastest fish in water?


Ans. Sailfish


Q. Which country has no traffic signal?


Ans. Bhutan


Q. How many players play the game of cricket?


Ans. 11


Q. How many states are there in the United States?


Ans. 50


Q. How many teeth do we have in our mouth?


Ans. 32


Q. How many weeks a month?


Ans. 4


Q. In which country are mosquitos not found?


Ans. France


Q. In which direction does the sunrise?


Ans. East


Q. In which direction does the sunset?


Ans. West


Q. What type of gas is absorbed by plants?


Ans. Carbon Dioxide


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Q. How many days does a February month have in the leap year?


Ans. 29 days


Q. Which is the principal source of energy for the earth?


Ans. Sun


Q. Name the national Heritage of animals of India?


Ans. Elephant


Q. Who invented the Radio?


Ans. Guglielmo Marconi


Q. Who invented electricity?


Ans. Benjamin Franklin


Q. Which continent is known as the ‘Dark’ continent?


Ans. Africa


Q. Name the planet known as the Red Planet?


Ans. Mars


Q. Who wrote “Malgudi Days”?


Ans. R. K. Narayan


Q. Name the National game of the USA?


Ans. Baseball


Q. Who invented Watch?


Ans. Peter Heinlein


Q. Name the largest ‘Democracy’ in the world?


Ans. India


Q. Which bird is known for its intelligence?


Ans. Owl


Q. Name the second smallest continent and third most populous continent?


Ans. Europe


Q. What is the unit of speed?


Ans. Metre per second


Q. What are the Chemical formulae of Hydrochloric acid?


Ans. HCl


Q. Why were the Olympic games canceled in 1916?


Ans. Because of World war 1


Q. How many players are there in one team of Kho-Kho?


Ans. 9


Q. Who is the chairman of the Central Board of Secondary Education?


Ans. Manoj Ahuja


Q. Where is the head office of CBSE located?


Ans. New Delhi


Q. Which is the most populous city in the Asia continent?


Ans. Tokyo, Japan


Q. Which is the most populous city in North America?


Ans. Mexico City


Q. Which is the most populous city in North America?


Ans. Sao Paulo, Brazil


Q. Coal Miners Day?


Ans. 4th May


Q. World Hand Hygiene Day?


Ans. 5th May


Q. The 2026 World Badminton Championships will be hosted by?


Ans. India


Q. Who has become Nepal’s Prime Minister for the 5th time?


Ans. Sher Bahadur Deuba


Q. What is the full form of FTP?


Ans. File Transfer Protocol


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Q. Who invented the watch?


Ans. Peter Heinlein


Q. What is India’s position in the world in terms of population?


Ans. 2nd


Q. What is our national song?


Ans. Vande-Mataram


Q. Who is the father of Computers?


Ans. Charles Babbage


Q. National flower of India?


Ans. Lotus


Q. What biggest White Diamond “The Rock” sold for?


Ans. 18.8 million dollar


Q. Who is appointed as the next Chief Election Minister Commissioner?


Ans. Rajiv Kumar


Q. Who is named as the new MD & CEO of Air India?


Ans. Campbell Wilson


Q. Which company overtook Apple Inc. as the world’s most valuable company?


Ans. Saudi Aramco


Q. Who is known as the “Father of Indian Civil Services”?


Ans. Lord Cornwallis


Q. Who did the “Permanent settlement of Bengal”?


Ans. Lord Cornwallis


Q. Central Board of Secondary Education was founded in?


Ans. 3rd November 1962


Q. Which country has the world’s largest prison population?


Ans. USA


Q. The oldest religion which is existence in the world is


Ans. Sanatan Dharma


Q. The first city in the world where an atomic bomb was dropped?


Ans. Hiroshima


Q. Which country is the largest exporter of Nickel in the world?


Ans. Canada


Q. The largest natural rubber-producing country in the world is?


Ans. Thailand


Q. Name the first 3 planets of our solar system?


Ans. Mercury, Venus, and Earth


Q. Where is the headquarters of UNESCO located?


Ans. Paris


Q. Which is the highest oil export country in the world?


Ans. Saudi Arabia


Q. What is the full form of SEBI?


Ans. Securities & Exchange Board of India


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